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The Room of Requirement

Dumbledore's Army

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The Room of Requirement is a room in the Hogwarts Castle that is only accessible by those in need, and will take on the appearance of whatever one desires. This Room of Requirement is host to a weekly meeting of Dumbledore's Army, a Defensive group formed in 1995 by Harry Potter and his friends. This year, 1996, Dumbledore's Army is a Hogwarts-sponsored organization, monitored by the Professors (although still student-run) and with the goal of teaching students all of those useful things that do not fit into the normal curriculum of the school. This Livejournal community is designed to allow all members of Dumbledore's Army, as well as the faculty and other interested parties with the same goal, to learn more about each other, personally, with the hopes that this will cause the DA to become a tighter-knit and therefore much stronger group.


This is an Order of the Phoenix-compatible roleplaying game that takes place largely over these journals and in real-time over messenging programs. The principle of the game involves the idea of strengthening house unity and encouraging interpersonal relationships, emotional development, and communication in preparation for the impending war.

If you are interested in joining RoR, visit the website for information on available characters and joining procedure.